Stephanie Itzel

“When I make art, the paint flows onto the canvas like emotions. Art should be natural like breathing, but now humanity is so busy that life gets blurry all around. It is important for people to be balanced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My goal with my art is to be able to take some attention off of the messy and chaotic world, into a more calming, emotional place that can soothe or fascinate someones eyes as it catches their attention. If I am able to do that for a few seconds or longer, then my vision as an artist is coming to life.”

Hello, my name is Stephanie Itzel. I have painting professionally for two years now. I’ve always loved to paint. I was raised by the Caribbean Sea in Panama City, Panama. I love the ocean, that’s why so many of my pieces have the turquoise, and blue tones. I was lucky enough to have lived all around the world, that’s why experiencing different cultures has always been part of my life. I am currently finishing my Bachelors Degree in Advertising Design at the Art Institute of Dallas. I also work part time at Kiehl’s in Highland Park Village. I work on abstract, acrylic and mixed media on canvas and I also do commission custom work. Thank you for your interest.


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