Milessa Murphy Stewart

Milessa’s impressionistic paintings mix a dab of fiction, maybe some facts, a bit of humor and a lot of color to create visible thinking in a world where there is little time to daydream. They are energetic and quirky with clues to a playful story.

She was born a big city girl in a small country town in the dry, desolate West Texas basin where the only trees you saw were mesquite and the only things to climb was her horse. She says “I’m talking a lot of brown!” But that did not stop her from dreaming in color! She was an only child spending time alone; listening to classical music and drawing were her playmates. She was not your typical kid. Milessa enrolled and was accepted into a university for art when she was in the 6th grade, only to be told by her Mother she was too young.

“Art is for kids” she was told, so she chose classes that would boost a career not creativity. She worked hard as an honor student and loved “learning” but higher education would not be in her cards. Starting a family and business at an early age was her reality. West Texans call this “spirit”. She was born with it and fought it, until in her late 20’s when she realized it was more; it was “creative spirit”. Emerging from within, design and color flowed. She needs art. It is her oxygen, her food and her life.

Milessa is an intuitive painter. It’s her ongoing collection of experiences, apropos of everything up until now; transporting her viewers into a colorful, energetic and happy place. Being your own curator and collector of her art gives you a unique style that others will not have but want. Not to mention, her art will inspire thought and questions, engaging the viewer to think and learn about the subject matter. It certainly will kick start a worthwhile dialogue between anyone enjoying it.

“I dream while I’m awake; and paint in my sleep”

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