Isabelle Guillen Portraiture

Isabelle cares for people and it shows her portraits.

She is dedicated to helping you preserve your memories in timeless family heirloom because she knows that your family loved ones and their key moments in time means so much to you.

Born and raised in France, the renewed country of history and art has necessarily helped her. She brings to her pieces of artwork the French elegance appreciated worldwide.

Isabelle’s real gift and talent are to gently unveil your uniqueness and beauty. She strives for revealing a subtle emotion, a smile or an attitude. She is passionate about capturing a precious moment, or the love, closeness and relationship of your loved ones to create unique portraits with the “supplément d’âme,” the sparkle that gives a portrait a life of its own.

Properly designed to fit with your unique home decor, each portrait will give your interior elegance and preserve the likeness of your loved ones for years to come.

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