Masri – Italian-Lebanese Painter and sculpture.

At the age of seven, I received from my cousin, the best gift ever! A box with oil tubes and brushes.

That day was very significant in my life for my interest in art and growing and has never stopped since that day.

For more than twenty-five years and up to date, I have been guarding with high respect professionalism in my drawings and paintings. I spent all of these years doing what I know best, and I did not do anything else. The versatility in my work and paintings passed through many different styles and technicalities of which I tried to bring to a high level of perfection every single aspect I dealt with as much as I could.

Along the course of the passing days, months, and years, my fascination in colors and fine art did not dwindle a bit, but to the contrary, it has increased and it is always on the move forward, though with different feelings and fresh perspectives.

To be a painter and an artist is a big challenge for me.
It’s my real language.
It’s my way to be and to believe in what I love and I feel.
I live four seasons every day. It’s a humongous world of perception, conceptions, and achievements.
A world of renewable psychological input and output fraught with flowing emotion, endurance and pain.

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