Eric Hanson

Eric Hanson has lived in the Dallas area since 1977. He received his B.A. in Graphic Design
from Abilene Christian University in 1994 and designed Web-related graphics for 20 years.
During that time, he also painted residential and commercial murals — around 50 in all.
Inspired by the high volume of artwork produced by his then two-year-old daughter Georgia,
Eric decided to pursue fine arts in 2009. By the beginning of 2011, he had begun painting
When Klyde Warren Park opened in downtown Dallas, Eric and Georgia began making frequent
visits. On some occasions, Eric would bring his supplies and do some plain air painting, which
would then generate commissions when he posted them to social media. Eventually, he started
painting more Dallas Scenes. While he often works in the studio, Eric is known for doing live
paintings for parties and fundraisers.
In 2015, Eric left his full-time digital graphics job to pursue a career in fine art. He is currently
living in Knox Park on the north end of Uptown Dallas.



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