The Empanada CookHouse-Rodolfo “Chofo” Bianchi


Rodolfo “Chofo” Bianchi along with 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, his Latin American heritage, born and raised in Guatemala City, and his passion for food innovations, multicultural culinary background; today he is a Food entrepreneur & restaurant consultant that brings…

The Empanada CookHouse as one of his new concepts designed and developed from menu to execution; an innovative EMPANADA bake shop where he blends Latin American influence with authentic & locally sourced ingredients to deliver freshly baked, handcrafted, unique &

flavorful EMPANADAS.

His mission is to spread the world of Empanadas, one empanada at a time, creating the Best Empanadas in Dallas!!

He is also the founder of The Kitchen Brains, where he “partners” with restaurant entrepreneurs to improve operational challenges, impact operations execution, and bring restaurant concepts to life like @TheEmpanadaCookHouse.