PDubbz Catering


As a small child, I was honestly forced to learn to cook. I loved doing things that young boy loved to do like play video games and go outside and play basketball, but my mom insisted that I learned how to cook. I had the worst attitude sitting in the kitchen stirring pots and cutting up veggies, she would always tell me, boy, you are gonna thank me someday for this.

As time went on I started to appreciate the things that I learned while being in the kitchen, I soon realized most men in my family had a passion for cooking & were very good at it. As time progressed, I went thru HS & College playing basketball & enjoyed that time of my life.

But when I graduated, Life hit me hard &I didn’t know what I really wanted to do with my life. It was honestly the toughest time of my life. I packed my things up & drove 17 hours to Las Vegas by myself to live with my Uncle. Here I grew as a man & began to perfect my craft learning many things from my Uncle Paul about cooking & the importance of presentation.

After a few months of being homesick, I soon realized it was time to head back to Dallas. Upon returning, I tried my hand in several fields having this emptiness in my heart. So I started selling plates of food & the response I received was overwhelming and exciting. So I started to branch out a lot more.

Soon I was turning in my notice with my job & began working with a local caterer of Nate’s BBQ To-Go. I soon realized this is what I loved to do. So I stepped up to the plate & started my own catering service & this is where Chef PDubb began to develop into the household name it is today.

It all hit me so fast, and I’ve enjoyed every step along the way & can’t wait to continue this journey. I have plans of owning my own restaurant someday and creating a business that can be passed down over time. I love what I do & I thank my mama every day because without her who knows where I would be.

I’m a caterer who provides multiple culinary services. Whether it be meal prepping, catering private events, that dinner with your special loved one, a wedding, a baby shower you name it we will do it. Nothing is too big or too small.

We provide multiple types of food, whether it’s soul, Italian, Mexican, Cajun or regular ole American dish we can do it. I believe my individual desire and passion is what sets me apart from others.

And the thing I’m most proud of is my progression as a whole & from the first bite to the last handshake and how quickly we fill peoples faces with smiles.