Charmed Creations by Traci Lester

Jewelry designer & owner of Charmed Creations , Traci Lester, was born & raised in Dallas, Texas. For over 20 years she has been making handcrafted custom jewelry for family & friends as a hobby. Never had she dreamed that one day her hobby would turn into a potential business enterprise! Five years ago, her dream came true.

Traci admits, “I didn’t have very much money to spend for Christmas that year, so I decided to make ear-rings for my friends as Christmas gifts. They loved them!” That was the beginning of her “Dangles” Collection.

Traci shared, “I was thrilled beyond words one day when I got into the elevator at the office & noticed all 3 women in the elevator were wearing ear-rings from my “Dangles” Collection! That was an awesome feeling !”

Traci uses her imagination & creativity in each piece that she creates & no 2 pieces are the same. Traci’s necklaces, bracelets, & ear-rings are made from swarovski crystals, gemstones, charms, pendants, & beads. Her creations make each piece genuine & unique.

Traci looks forward to participating in Palette to Palate 2017 this year. As this is her first event as a designer & creator.


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